Past Life Regression Therapy


I am a Healer and Hypnotherapist but it’s Past Life Regression Therapy that is my passion. 

I see great and often immediate results in clients, and it gives me great pleasure to  see clients have their healing transformations, realisations and ‘ah-ha’ moments.


Regression works with the subconscious mind which never sleeps and knows all of your experiences. Therefore, any problem; emotional, physical, thought based or spiritual can be looked at in a past life scenario.


Every client has their unique experience – there could be some insights and recognition of parallels with this life, physical and emotional body therapy during the session and even recognition of familiar people!


All this goes towards improving your current life experience.


For you, your experience will be like telling a story and it will feel very real. I will be there guiding you through it and on to a place of transformation where you will find out what it's all been about.


Your intention for the session is key. A pre-session questionnaire is mandatory and a further interview will take place immediately before the session. Together we will make sure your Intention will serve you well.


Sessions take place at the Upminster Sanctuary and elsewhere


The cost is between  £80 and £111 depending upon location

Sessions last between 2 and 3 hours 


Contact me for more information

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