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Stopping the fear of flying 


It may appear totally irrational to other people who fly with confidence. But it is a very real anxiety and fear for those people suffering with this phobia. It can also be debilitating especially when there's a desire to explore the world and travel, even frustrating for partners and friends who need to find other people to travel with.

Hypnotherapy can take away this fear.


The improvement usually takes 3 sessions over a 3-week period as a minimum.

So if you've got a flight scheduled and you want to be able to get on it stress free. please make sure that your sessions are booked in advance.

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Each sessions costs £50, a discount is available at £120 when 3 sessions are booked upfront 



For Pilots


No matter how far you are in to your training, holding a fATLP or (full) ATLP there may be a number of anxious moments in your career

Hypnotherapy can help with nerves, 'stage fright', anxiety and boost your confidence for

  • Medical examinations
  • Exams
  • Simulators
  • Flight test experience 
  • Night flights


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