Reyad Sekh Em

Healing has an ancient history, as far back as human beings have been on the planet.
Much of the modern understanding of healing has come from Egypt, or Khemet. This is the original name of Egypt meaning the 'black lands' probably referring to the inundation of the Nile and it's annual deposit of enriching black silt. 'Black lands' may also refer to the people being black as Upper Egypt was in the south as we view a map, nearer to Nubia.


To learn more, I highly recommend visiting the pages of my dear friend, teacher & mentor Joanna Bristow Watkins at Harmony Healing where you can also find training sessions


How it Works 

During a session, either in person or remotely, you can ask me to look at specific parts of your body, a problem you need to find a solution for or ask for a general  healing.


I will call in the divine Universal Beings, many based in Egyptian (Khemetian) mythology.  The correct Light Beings, Crystals and members of the Plant Kingdom will come forward specifically and especially for you - this is the Alchemy. No two healings are the same, no sessions have the same elements/beings come forward to help and no healings have the same results, as you are unique.


I am only the channel for the energies, all healers are the same. 


Unlike Reiki (and I am a Reiki Master), Rayed Sekh Em is less prescriptive and certainly more interactive. With trust in the Universe the correct healing takes place, at the correct time and at the correct intensity for the recipient.


All you have to do is to be present and trust that you will get exactly what you need. 


I cannot give any guarantees of curing an ailment as I am not a medical professional. But I will be looking to find out if the ailment or issue is one of the following;

  • from this lifetime
  • a trauma from a past lifetime
  • karmic, or 
  • hereditary i.e. passed down the genetic line, possibly a trauma that doesn't belong with you

Healing will take place regardless.


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