An Holistic approach to Healing 

Mind Body and Spirit 


To explain what Plato wrote, way back, over 2000 years ago

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” 


We often think that healing is associated with problems of the body - aches and pains, disease and discomfort, as if our body is attacking us and is not part of us.


Our whole or holistic body comprises of the Mind, Body and Spirit. They are intrinsically linked to each other and healing must look at the whole to be affective and elicit change. 


Spirit comes first in the trio... we are essentially spiritual beings manifested into a physical body so that we can have experiences on this earth plane which includes learning, expansion and releasing. Our Spirit only wants freedom and love but sometimes our ego (meaning our 3rd dimension life experiences) gets in the way of this - read more about the mind below.


Our Body is needed to transport the spirit, to be able to do things and have these experiences. But it's our spirit that controls our movements and what we want to do. For example, we don't consciously have to think about breathing.


Our body has a very sophisticated communication system too. Our intuition and feelings are the main part of this. On a simple level think déjà vu, coincidences or indeed times when your intuition suggests you do, you don't or change something in the spur of the moment e.g. turn left instead of right when driving.


It's sometimes hard to believe that we control our body and all its functions; whether we are slim, fit and healthy or not. And this is where our powerful creative mind comes in...


Our mind... many of us think of the mind as the most important part of us; that we need it to learn and to hold information as we gain knowledge and experience. This is definitely part of the mind and it's important that we retain information but we are also retaining a lot of 'junk' from our experiences. There is more junk in our minds than we are aware of e.g. a phobia is an irrational fear and we may not know where it's comes from. The information from all our experiences is stored in our Subconscious / Unconscious mind. We just need to learn to tap in to it or have some help in doing so.


We can equate our minds to holding a filing cabinet containing all of our life experiences. Each file holds emotional memories from the past that we continually pull out of the cabinet to re-use when a similar experience is presented. And this is not always helpful and is not often consciously done.


How many times does our mind send us irrational thoughts? For example; when driving a little too fast our mind may start a (future) scenario of an accident or a crash! The file that the mind has pulled out contains all the images thoughts and emotions of accidents and crashes that we may have seen on TV, in films, even books etc, even if we have never experienced a road accident.


But the problem is the more we think about it the more it's likely to happen. The "law of attraction" has been hyped up to get you material things, or what you want in this life, but it IS the Law of the Universe.


You will know the phrase "be careful what you wish for". 

So please do be careful what you are thinking as the world and universe is reflective.


Ultimately our mind is important for our safety and security; can we cross the road? is this wild berry safe to eat? is that big dog safe to approach? Am I in danger? etc.

Adding our experience files to our mind, means that it's pretty full, undeniably with junk too, which can make us think and act irrationally and emotionally.


Ultimately what we all want is peace. We need to understand our minds better to enable us to have peace, to create the world we want to live in and to be fit and healthy.


The first step to peace is understanding that we are controlled and there are a lot of messages that we either don't need or that are mind control. It's hard to believe if you have never thought about this before. Try an experiment and see if you feel more peaceful: Stop watching TV & listening to the news & adverts on the radio. Only watch uplifting & educational films/documentaries, stop reading newspapers and limit your time on social media i.e. cutting out frivolous info.


This may be difficult but ask yourself both generally and specifically

Do I need to know this?

Do I have social responsibility around ....?

Do I feel negatively emotional about ....?

Is .... any of my business?



Healing sessions help to deal with your problems in a holistic way.

Universal guidance for the healer comes through them, to give a unique, individual and often inspirational opportunity to make your life on earth better, and possibly move you to spiritual heights.


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